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    This is a list of my most favorite and most talented vendors that I have personally had the opportunity of working with. I am sharing this list with you because guess what, I know the headache of trying to find them! So I am taking one for the team and letting you in on my secret vendor list. I am going to give you in-depth info on all them so hang tight. Everything I am about to share with you is worth reading.


   Let's start with my top videographer. His name is Roberto Agosto and let's just say he creates the most perfect and well written cinematic dream reels you've ever seen. He has my dark and moody style, which in my personal opinion the best you can ask for. There is just something about dark and moody that brings life and emotion to another level. His style is very personal and meaningful. He watches for what means most to you and adds it to every detail of his videos! His work sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Especially the work he has done for me. To this day I cry every time I see it. You can find him at or check out his Instagram or Facebook page by searching Roberto Agosto Love It Wedding Films.


    Hair and makeup artist are my next vendors. Listen you want to feel beautiful without having to stress yourself out thinking if you're going to do it right the day your life literally depends on it. The best part is you do not need both! If you're hair just happens to be perfect every morning you wake up then just go for makeup. If you're more of a natural girl, I am on your boat, but what I want you to know is when I am taking your photographs you will look washed out nine times out of ten. I remember growing up as a chorus girl and when I got to high school and joined the ensemble I would have to do tons of performances. I never really liked makeup except for my occasional Victoria Secret lip gloss to make me feel hot, ha those were the days. But the girls and my teacher would constantly say to wear it and make it two times thicker than you normally would. I felt like a clown but what I realized was the stage lights would wash me out. It's no different than being photographed. So instead of having to think about all the do's and don'ts just a have a pro like my two go to girls Sabrina and Lauren. Both of these girls are in high demand though so I would most suggest booking way in advance, like months ahead guys! Sabrina is makeup only and the master of her trade! Check her out on her Instagram . Lauren is the most amazing hair artist you'll ever work with, she can create what I have never seen others create. She and her friend Anna work together to create both hair and makeup magic. Here is their site


    You'll never need any vendor more than you'll need a wedding planner. She goes by many names, coordinator, designer, consultant, lifesaver. Angelina Colhouer is a talented boss babe and entrepreneur who owns The Apostolic Wife. She started this business because she quickly realized after her own wedding, that she wanted to share her gift of design with other brides struggle to figure out everything on their own on top of their full-time jobs. Because most fiances can only do so much...  She offers all kinds of services. Wedding designing and consulting, partial wedding planning and full-service planning. She and her incredible staff will do it all and leave you with nothing but a glorious, stress free, memorable day you'll never forget. She even has something for the guys! If you know your boyfriend is having a hard time with the whole popping the question thing, she even offers custom marriage proposals! Leave him a hint by simply "browsing" her page and then saying "oh look how cool babe, she even does custom proposals". He'll think it was his idea the whole time. You can find here at


    Then there is that bride who wants to do it all but still needs help with at least setting up and breaking down. Megan with MegPie Events is your girl. She created her company after trying to find an event decorator that would bring her design dreams to life. This girl puts in some hard work and won't let you down with the results. She sets up everything just as you explain it to her and she does not disappoint. She's even got rentals including this crazy gorgeous circle arc like you've never seen before! You can find her at



    Foodies ever where listen, this genius idea and more than likely one you haven't thought about even considering are food trucks! They are more than just fair food and fun event grab and go meals. They have quilty delicious meals too! Food trucks are also generally a cheaper option than sit down catered food. Mainly because you cut out more than 60% off the hired help. By the way, you can endlessly customize food items to make it you. My food truck of choice is The Dude and His Food. They are amazing to work with and their food is out of this world! Check their Facebook to see where they'll be next because you will want to try before you buy. You'll quickly realize why they made my list for preferred catering vendor. Find them here at


    Buying your wedding dress can actually be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding process. For some, it comes easy. But for most, it does not. I for one felt overwhelmed with the options and trying to figure out what silhouettes would look best on my odd shaped body. I seriously searched and googled and reviewed every shop in the near bay area. I finally decided to visit Cc's Bridal Boutique and I ended up never going anywhere else. I loved their selection, their service, and their bridal consultants. They have trunk shows often where dress designers bring dresses they've created and want to test them on a few select boutiques. You have the opportunity of having a one of kind dress from a designer you love. That's what ended up happening with my dress. It never saw the production line, so I had a one of a kind Stella York dress! You can find their information and locations here at


    Lets talk cake and desserts really quick. My foodie husband and I had to find something not only gorgeous but also delicious. Yes, you could just choose Publix because it's cheap, but you haven't truly had cake until you've had this girls cakes and desserts. She makes these phenomenal cakes from scratch. They are not just beautiful creations, they also have a taste all its own. Find her work here at or on her Instagram by searching Wandering Whisk. She is based out of Clearwater but is always willing to travel! She's super sweet to boot!


    If you're a DIY bride like myself, then you will want to know about these two amazing rental companies and their owners. The first company is called The Treasury Event Rental Studio you can find her on Instagram here She has so many gorgeous and unique items including but not limited to dishes, goblets, silverware, and unique centerpieces. She is constantly adding and updating her collections and they don't disappoint! The second company is my favorite for furniture rentals. They are called Southern Chairs and can be found here at she has everything you could possibly need and more such as cross back chairs for your ceremony that are to die for, farm tables, tableware and vintage furniture pieces for your wedding or any special occasion


    Each one of these amazing entrepreneurs has more than earned their spot on my list. Being in the service industry I understand more than any one how you must serve your client. You have to be friendly, personable, and always willing to conversate. I have personally used each of these business owners and I can say they are the best that I've ever worked with. They are kind, generous and all the above making them superior to others in this industry. I hope you will use them all and see why I hold them with such high regard!