fulfillment in what you do

When I decided to establish myself as a full-time professional photographer, I didn't know fulfillment then to the degree I know it now. For me it's never been about the money, fame or acknowledgment but solely to gain my clients trust so that when we shoot I can make them feel confident and comfortable. If they trust my vision and talent they see amazing results and a joy like no other once they receive their photo albums. These reactions from my clients alone are worth it all. But the truest fulfillment is when a client writes you a review and your'e left speechless. I recently had the grand honor of shooting Erin and Jeremy's engagement at the Lange Farm in Dade City, FL. Their fun, humble, and trusting demeanor made those photos I dream about at night. So much so, that I spent an entire day and half editing their photos, whoa... but when I say it was worth it... I mean it. After sending her sneak peeks, I received the review that gave me the fulfillment I always hope for. If you haven't read it yet, check out my testimonials page. It's a beautifully written, wonderfully worded story, more so than a review. It gave me such a smile and warmth to cheeks reading it that I had to share. Needless to say I seriously can't wait to shoot their wedding in January of next year! Please pass by and visit their album. It's under the Portfolio tab of my page. For now xoxo!