Christmas Day , gone?

It kills me to think that my kids may wake one December 25 to no Christmas, instead to a giant gift exchange. ⠀

As I headed home from my parents house a few days ago, blaring my Christmas music from my local radio station 105.5. I sat there and thought to myself, sadly it won’t always be this way. Times are changing and Christ is being thrown out the window. ⠀

In pursuit of politically correct we’ve lost what makes us unique as a people. I’m no longer free to express to the world what matters to me without being crucified.⠀

Gone are the days when Jesus is the reason for the season⠀

Gone are the days when Jesus is the center of our homes⠀

Gone are the days when I can say Merry Christmas openly⠀

❄️do you feel the way I do?⠀

Side note my hair was bomb for Christmas Eve/Noche Buena! This blouse was on clearance at K&G y’all! $7!