Selfie Photography?

November 12, 2015

 Being a photographer, it is very difficult to not want new family pictures every ten minutes or so. Unless you have a photographer friend you can barter with, you try to deal with the "suffering". But when the want becomes stronger and stronger, what do you do? You take selfies of course! Luckily I found my dads 70+ year old tripod and couldn't believe it fit with my camera. I thought some things must change. But since it hadn't I didnt have to buy one. The challenging part though was using the auto setting and self timer. Without someone behind the camera there was no auto focus, even with auto focus most of the pictures were blurry or to dark unfortunately. So photoshop had to come in and save the day. Then there was the "am I cutting off our heads" scenario and the fact that no one is behind the camera also meant the emotions were taken out. We really couldn't get to personal. So I say all of this to say, hire a professional! Because even a professional needs another professional.

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