March 7, 2016



There are no words to explan this incredible God given day! My one and only baby brother is finally married to the woman of his dreams and I couldn't be happier for them both. Sharing this day with them as a sister made me cry and want nothing but happiness for them but as a photographer it felt nothing like work. I was able to capture such captivitaing photos throught the day of her getting ready and the unique momemts she had with her maids and family. My favorite though (minus the ceremony) was as they exchanged thier letters to one another. She was loosing it (gracefully), up until that very moment. Then he held her hand. The tears filled up her eyes and you could see the worry leave her face. She felt comfort and love like never before. It was breathtaking, literally, I cried... I saw it in the moment, the reason the were becoming one that day. I love these two souls. Congratulations you two. Now please make me an Aunt! 


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